About Us

Who are we?

Our family farm is located in the rolling hills of Statesville, NC, near Love Valley.

The 25- acre farm is a mix of pasture and hardwoods. Our birds, ducks, pigs, lambs and rabbits are healthy & happy,  graze on pastures,  forage on forest floors, and build their own nests.

Raising heirloom poultry and pork on pasture is what everybody used to do – but few do it now.  Raising animals on pasture is more work and produces fewer birds and eggs than industrial production methods. Pigs that run around in our woods all day grow more slowly than their brethren who are raised in confinement.  But our animals live happy lives in our pastures and woods and are healthy, beautiful animals!

Who are our customers?

Our primary customers are local families who choose to eat food that has been raised in a natural environment, outside of the food-industrial complex.  Our pastured pork, poultry, lamb, quail, rabbit and fresh eggs are all natural, hormone-free and humanely raised.

Our Mascot –
Colonel Mustard.

Our pigs are heritage breeds, many of them endangered, such as Berkshire, Tamworth, Duroc and Ossabaw.  We also raise Pekin and Moulard ducks, rabbits and quail.  We sell our meat and poultry at the Huntersville Growers Market in Huntersville, NC and to local restaurants.  In the winter months, we sell a couple of times a month out of the back of our truck at the Grower’s Market Pavilion between Maxwell and Main in Huntersville, NC.  Please contact us if you would like to buy some of our delicious products.

We have had to curtail our fancy fowl program, due to a massive predator attack. We hope to rebuild over time. We have left the breed information in place on our website for your information and reference, but we will not have birds available for sale for the forseeable future..

Have a question about our farm or animals?
Call 336-202-9694

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