Fancy Fowl

We have curtailed our fancy fowl program at this time due to a massive predator attack. We hope to rebuild over time.
We are leaving the detail about the various breeds up for your information and reference. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


The Ameraucana’s claim to fame is its beautiful green and blue-green tinted eggs.


The brilliant Barnevelder displays shiny dark plumage etched with brown in a gorgeous laced pattern.

Blue-Laced Red WynadottesBlue-Laced Red Wyandottes

With their gorgeous colors and lacing, it’s hard to believe that “BLRWs” are such workhorses.


These docile feather-footed gentle giants are lovable Teddy Bears. Brahmas arrived in the United States in 1846.

Cream LegbarsCream Legbars

A prolific layer of sky-blue eggs, the Cream Legbar has become a very popular choice for American hobbyists.

Black Copper MaranMarans

Marans hens lay a rich dark brown egg – the darkest of all the breeds. This special quality comes from a recessive gene that they carry.

Mottled Houdan

A very old breed that originated in the village of Houdan, France, the Houdan is a cross between the Polish and the Crevecoeur.


These wonderful, calm and friendly birds are a delight to adults and children alike.


With it’s enormous crest of feathers, the Polish are a funny looking breed. Friendly and gentle, they make wonderful pets.

Cream LegbarsRed Dorkings

The dual-purpose Dorking is an ancient breed. Named after a town in Surrey England, Dorkings trace their heritage to early Roman times.

Russian OrloffRussian Orloff

Now a rare but popular dual-purpose breed, the Orloff nearly became extinct in the last century.

Salmon FavorelleSalmon Faverolle

Faverolles were bred in north-central France in the 1860’s. They are friendly and cuddly, making them an excellent choice for children.

Serema ChickenSerama

Wildly popular in Malaysia where they are kept as house pets, the Serama is an enchanting breed.


Magnificent and exotic, the Silkie is a wonderful pet for adults and children alike.

Silver Pencilled RocksSilver Pencilled Rocks

Finely-etched pencilled feathers characterize the Silver Pencilled Rock hens. The roosters are a handsome white, silver, and black with a “beetle-green” sheen.

Swedish Flower HenSwedish Flower Hens

The Swedish Flower Hen is called “blommehons” in Swedish, which means “bloom hens.”


The Welsummer is a relatively new breed to the United States, but has become enormously popular.

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