Heritage Pigs

Our pigs are heirloom breeds, including
Berkshire, Tamworth, Yorkshire, Duroc, Ossabaw and Mangalitsa.

We raise them on pasture and in our woods, where they roam free eating acorns, leaves and grass. Mothers build their own nests before giving birth to their litters. Heritage breeds have superb quality meat, many having more marbling than confinement-raised hogs. Berkshires and Ossabaws have wonderful marbled meat, Tamworths produce outstanding bellies for bacon, and Mangalitsas are known as “the Kobe beef of pork.”
We have our pigs processed at a USDA facility and offer their meat to our discerning customers, who choose to eat food that has been raised outside of the food-industrial complex. The meat is a deeper color and profoundly more flavorful than supermarket pork. We also sell whole hogs either on the hoof or processed for barbecue or a pig pickin’.

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